The beginning of Sai Seva in Adelaide started as early as October 2005. It all began when a devotee of Baba had gone to Sydney for a conference. He visited the Sai temple in Sydney and Mr Jack Tulani from the Sydney Sai Sansthan gave him an Idol of Baba to start the Sai Seva in Adelaide. A few months down the track somewhere in march 2006 another devotee of Baba visited Sydney and when he went to the temple he was given some books and the details of where Baba’s idol in Adelaide and was encouraged to start Sai sewa in Adelaide. The devotee came back and met up with another devotee and group of three families started Sai prayers in the living room of Dr Hiwase.

8th-oct-2006Baba’s presence was now being felt very strongly in Adelaide and he started bringing all his devotees together and the number started growing very rapidly. The living room became very small for the number and so activities moved to the backyard and an old shed was cleaned up and was carpeted to establish a prayer hall. From 1st October 2006 the weekly aarties started and every Sunday the devotees started doing Kaakad Aarthi and Madhyaan Aarthi. Then the devotees moved a step forward and organised functions like Dusshera, Guru Poornima, Sri Dattatrya Jayanti celebrations in form of Dhoop Aarthi and Shej Aarthi followed by prasad. The invitation of these invents were published in Indian newspaper and posters were placed in Indian store.


“Jayaa manee jaisaa bhaava tayaa taisaa anubhava, Daawisee dayaaghanaa aisee tujzee hee maava tujzeeheemaava”.

Miracles were obvious, at the place where Baba sits people in Adelaide started experiencing his power, the number of devotees kept on 8thoct06growing. On the other hand, Baba was bringing all his devotees to the prayer hall. Three families had now grown to about 75 families and the prayer hall was getting very small. Hence the time had come to look for bigger premises and also establish a Sansthan (formal organization) in order to mobilize the energy to formidable force.
A group of eight people (including three initial families) then came together and formed an organization on the 3rd of October 2007 and the sansthan was legally registered with the government of South Australia as “Shirdi Saibaba Community and Cultural Organisation of South Australia”. These eight people were Nageshwar Rao (President), Vijay K Settipalli (Secretary), Rajmohan (Treasurer), Devendra Hiwase , Manoj S Mansukhani, Sachin Nanche, Prem K C Panicker and Param Ramanan. From this day the sansthan was dedicated to all the devotees of Baba in South Australia and the board endeavoured to regularise cultural activities for creating awareness in the community

30th-sep-2006On 2nd March 2008 the sansthan signed a lease of one year with Indian Association (IAASA) and moved out of Dr Hiwase’s backyard to 6 Blamey Avenue Broadview to perform regular Sunday prayers and grandly performing yearly functions.




The move spread like lightening and within a few months the numbers of devotees doubled and now there are more than 290 families as members of the sansthan who regularly come for the Sunday prayers and functions. All the auspicious days are celebrated with great enthusiasm, devotees make Prasad at their homes, they decorate prayer hall with lights and flowers and sing the glory of Lord Sainath. The functions include Dhoop Aarthi, Bhajans, Baba’s Palki and Shej Aarthi followed by prasad

all_in_oneNow we think the time has come when we need to make another courageous move i.e. with Baba’s blessings we have taken a challenge to build Sai Temple in Adelaide. To achieve our dream the board is involved in various fund raising activities and we are certain that Baba will bless us in achieving our vision