Jai Sairam Brothers & Sisters

“May Baba’s grace keep you in the best of health and grant material and spiritual success in this life and hereafter.”

By Baba’s grace, your generous donations and tireless efforts, the Adelaide Sai Sansthan has managed to purchase land at Waterloo Corner for the Temple. We are now pleased to introduce you to the construction project of our Temple for Baba. You will find the plans for construction here and other information.

The objective of this initiative can only be achieved with the help of an army of volunteers. We need many volunteers to help and support us both financially and physically for this cause. We cannot do this alone and need your support to take care of what we have created thus far and allow us to expand and grow for the future.

Donation Options

It is estimated that the Sansthan would require approximately one million dollars to build the temple and manage ongoing costs. In order to raise the funds, the Sansthan has initiated several fund-raising programs in addition to soliciting cash donations. Please open your hearts and donate whatever amounts possible.

Donations for regular prasad contributions

The Sansthan regularly organizes special pooja events on auspicious days such as Guru Poornima, Datta Jayanthi among others. These events require your time and financial support. The Sansthan requests devotees to donate towards the making and distribution of prasad at these special events. Devotees can make cash contributions to committee members and get a receipt.

Monthly Bank Transfers – building fund

Many of you are aware that Sansthan had initiated a fund-raising program in December 2011, wherein we had requested members to donate minimum $10 per month to demonstrate regular flow of income in Sansthan’s accounts for financial institutions to see regular flow of income. Sansthan would also like to thank each and every member (registered / unregistered) participated in this initiative. Please continue your monthly donations using any of the following payment methods.

BSB: 015 228
Account No: 450 670 394
Account Name: Shirdi Saibaba Community
Please make your cheques payable to the “Shirdi Saibaba Community

Donate a brick Scheme

The Sansthan will install a physical Brick or Tile on the wall of Sri Baba’s Temple. Devotees donating the brick will have option of getting names of their family member(s) engraved on the physical brick. (eg. Grandparents, Parents or Children). The Brick donation fund-raiser has three options of participation which are as follows:

  • Platinum Brick
  • Gold Brick
  • Silver Brick

The above donations have some easy payment installment options for the interested devotees. For Silver Brick Donation you have an option of paying $250 per month for 4 months and for Gold donation you have an option of paying $1000 per month for 5 months as per the selected donation program.

To participate in the above fund raising program please call or email us on below contact details.

Rajamohan Kambhoji (President & Treasurer)

Ph. No: 0401093153

Manoj Mansukhani (Vice – President)

Ph. No: 0406 518 176

Sri Chowdarappu (Secretary)

Ph. No: 0423259045

Email- secretary@sainathsa.org

Baba’s Words

“If I take one rupee as Dakshina from anybody I have to return tenfold to him. I never take anything gratis. I never ask any one indiscriminately. I only ask and take from him whom the Fakir points out. If anyone is indebted formerly to the Fakir, money is received from him. The donor gives, that is, sows his seeds, only to reap a rich harvest in future. Wealth should be the means to work out Dharma. If it is used for personal enjoyment, it is wasted. Unless you have given it before, you do not get it now. So, the best way to receive is to give. The giving of Dakshina advances Vairagya (Non-attachment) and thereby Bhakti and Jnana. Give one and receive tenfold.”

We pray to Baba to shower His grace on all of us and endow us with Faith and Patience